October: Hello Hearts!


From now on, columnist Susanne Kaloff has a few thoughts for us every month on how to make the days and nights sweeter. In theory, anyway.

Five common mistakes in autumn, how to avoid them or at least learn something for life from them.

1. standing in the wind.
Last week I went to a TCM doctor, that is, a traditional Chinese physician. Actually, it was not a man and not a Chinese, but a female doctor who pricked my spleen with needles. While she was tracing my meridians, she said that everything stands and falls with the spleen. The spleen is the center. I should eat and drink warm exclusively, beware of autumn, and be careful not to let the wind get into me, um. Okay, I'll take care, I said, cooked myself an oatmeal and bought myself a leaf-colored Missoni oversize sweater by return of post, through whose coarse meshes it pulls like pike soup.
2. widespread also that mishap: not to take the blocked Chi seriously.
What else did the doctor tell me? My Yang goes steeply, my Yin is totally through the wind, oh dear! The yang is active, warming, giving, the yin is more passive, cooling and receiving, and the world is dualistic. We all know the Eso symbol, the circle, with the white yang and the black yin. The other day Alexa Chung, who by the way is supposed to be a crazy pain in the ass, once wore a ring with the symbol, whereupon all fashion-savvy women turned flea market booths inside out. Beyond a fashion trend, however, there is a more profound message behind yin and yang: the rhythm of nature is incorruptible.
3. To be the nice girl at every opportunity. Whether too much yoga is harmful? I have been thinking about this for a long time, not only because my shoulder is suffering at the moment, but also because I have made an observation: Why do women lately actually say "Gorgeous!" with a mild smile in every sentence? Even when it's raining cats and dogs outside, they're on the verge of a nervous breakdown, and the truth is that everything makes them want to cry? I am an avowed fan of a positive world view and cheerful friendliness, but I am sick to death of this spasmodically transfigured view. That's why I decided not to embroider the words The Nice Girls Club
on the back of my army jacket. Feels wonderful!
4. to overhear the album Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey. Because it is outstanding! Not only because Stevie Nicks, Asap Rocky and The Weeknd duet with Lana, but also because it features the wonderful line, "Because we're just beautiful people with beautiful problems." I have nothing to add to that.
5. not to start meditation today. After all, a calm, clear mind is the only peaceful place in the whole world. I found the mantra for October on Insight Timer, a meditation app I highly recommend: You are the sky, everything else is just the weather. No, it's not much more complicated than that.