November: Hello Hearts!

From now on, columnist Susanne Kaloff has a few thoughts for us every month on how to make the days and nights sweeter. In theory, anyway.
November, we need to talk! About Le Kasha, Aaliyah, Nan Goldin and my book
1. infinity
1993 was the year I came to Hamburg, the year I made contact. That's not true at all, I'm just quoting from a new song by Tocotronic. The band has a new album called "Die Unendlichkeit", but it won't be out until the end of January. Until then, here are two songs in advance, in one of them (1993) they sing about their beginnings and the year when I didn't even know who Miucca Prada was. Was the world perhaps still a little bit in order at that time?
2. this remix
Oh, I'm probably kidding myself, but at least R&B princess Aaliyah was still alive in 1993, having died in a plane crash in 2001. Kelly Lee Owens has now covered her hit "More Than A Woman". Well done, young lady, well done!
3 Le Kasha
Sounds like rhythm and blues too, but Le Kasha is not a hip-hop star, it's knitwear. The label has been making timeless cashmere fashions since 1918 that I would take out a small loan for without any ifs or buts.
4. Help Me Hurt Me
Last week I was in the Hamburg Kunsthalle, there is currently (until February 4, 2018) a large exhibition of Anita Rée. Yes, yes, it's worth seeing, but I may have just been in the wrong frame of mind. The boys with the torn pants, the despondent looking girls and the hollow cheeks made me a little sad. Also on view there is the slide work "The Ballad of Sexual Dependency" by Nan Goldin, which I have seen before in New York. Her works are no less sad, but that's the way it is with things that touch you deeply: They always hurt a little, too.
5. 2018
My excitement is slowly building: on February 8, 2018 my book will be published, it sounds like forever away now, but poof a new year is here and then another and all of a sudden it's not 1993 or 2017 and we'll look around and say: back then, everything was still okay. Be here now.