July: Hello Hearts!

So, what do we want to do with the half-full year? Make love, listen to love, be love. Okay.
Eat fries! My favorite restaurant, Carmagnole, is now serving fries again. That's the first breaking news I've had. After diners complained, they put them back on the menu. Yesterday I was there and tested them. They were offered on the menu: Some dope champagne plus a portion of fries for 2 people. The name of the champagne and the price escapes me, I had a gingerberry, mayonnaise and a full heart to go with it. It didn't cost a thing.
Fries before guys Last week a friend sent me a message, "How are you, sweetie?" Me: "Splendid." Her: "Do you have a buzzer boy?" I looked down at myself and thought: Nah, just a little sunburn. And texted her back, "Not yet." Her: "When?" I flipped through the calendar and realized that summer was already here, that it was already July and only the Boy hadn't arrived yet. I replied to her, "In the perfect amount of soon." Isn't that a fantastic time statement? What do we already know, what is the universal timing to us? I applied three drops of (watch out, commercial!) Sun Drops by Dr. Barbara Sturm
and continued to sunbathe as if summer would never end.
Speaking of summer and love! Breaking News Number Two, here it comes! The first album from Mr. and Mrs. Carter (Beyoncé and Jay-Z) is out and I love it the way only a woman can love: like crazy. "Everything Is Love" it's called. My favorite from THE CARTERS? Summer, of course! Sample? Wait, I'm singing a line, "
I want you to come inside right now, so you know just how I feel (Let it breathe, let it breathe)" Almost as awesome as sex.
Fake it until you make it
Another Kundalini teaching from my teacher Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa that I like to sprinkle penetratingly. The phrase fake is to be understood that sometimes it is very okay to fake something. Cheerfulness and friendliness, for example. Not because one should hide behind a mask, but because one must set a positive example for one's negative spirit, even and especially when it would much rather continue to loiter in swampy waters and snarl at the neighbor because it has simply cut down the ivy down by itself and it now dangles limply outside my window.
Moi non plus Then again read
Me: Happiness is like an orgasm. It' s a lot better if you dont have to fake it. Hmmh, I blindly sign the second part of the sentence. I think about the first one again, while I think about why I think so much about Faire L'Amour today. Tsss, must be the summer, must really be the summer....