January: Hello Hearts!

Photo Credit: Hanna Schumi
Columnist Susanne Kaloff has a few thoughts for us every month from now on how to make the days and nights sweeter. Well, in theory anyway.
, January is here! No reason to be happy? Well, here goes...

2018 is the new black!
If I see another amaryllis, I'll wring its neck, I yelled yesterday. No one was around to hear it, but I've been talking to myself a lot lately. As soon as curvy 2018 arrived, I ran into my favorite flower store, Green Flora, and said, "I need spring!" You can buy that one, spring, hope, courage. I left the store with the remedy that is as mood-lifting as 12cm heels: an armful of hyacinths.
You little mimosa!
I've known for a while why they call delicate people who get knocked down by a breeze. My second favorite flower, the frightened mimosa, lasted for a record half hour this year. That's a short lifespan and a costly pleasure, but every second I spent digging my face into her and whispering into her little yellow buds, "Hey, we can do this!" was worth it.
Mistake Number 49,000
When she faded, I reread my book. It is already in print. I discovered two errors. I will point out only one: Fleetwood Mac I moron spelled with a d in front again and it probably slipped through that way. That's not a big deal, but then again it is because an attentive reader here pointed out this mistake of mine just a few months ago. I hope she reads this.
A simple calculation
It reminds me of my math teacher and multiplication tables. In fourth grade, I still didn't know what seven times seven was. The sadistic teacher in the corduroy jacket tormented me daily. Today, you could yell at me at night, "Seven times seven?" And I would startle up from sleep and answer 49. Uh, is that correct?
Tomorrow I'll make better mistakes
Some have to be made 7 times, 14 times, 56 times. And that's okay because we're here to learn. The soundtrack to this? "So Young" by "Portugal. The Man." The book to go with it? Mine, please. That would make me so happy and I say thank you, bowed in humility. It's already available for pre-order. Oh, I should be quick to say what it's called, shouldn't I? "It wasn't so intoxicating when drunk sober." We'll talk about the rest later. We'll talk about the rest later.