February: Hello Hearts!

Photo Credit: Hanna Schumi


Columnist Susanne Kaloff has a few thoughts for us every month from now on how to make the days and nights sweeter. Well, theoretically, anyway.


God, that was beautiful! 2018, I love you already! Kelela, red bags or do you prefer red wine? First things first...


It's my party and I cry if I want to Under no circumstances do I like to have parties, at least not my own. Even as a kid, my birthday bash used to bum me out every year: what if no one comes, what if no one has a good time, what if we don't have enough soda? Hosting requires a certain nonchalance that I still wait in vain for today.


No crying here! There was also no reason, because contrary to expectations, quite a few came to my book party last week, I definitely had a delicious time and there was also enough soda. Thanks from the bottom of my crazy heart for that! So all the worries were once again for the cat, I would have guessed that earlier. But that's the great thing about life: No dress rehearsal. So you have to push yourself from time to time into the ventures and pray that it will be good. Or, instead of praying, just breathe, sing, hold your breath, stand on your head. Whatever works.


Change of subject Something completely different now: Isn't Valentine's Day coming up? I've never been given anything on this fantasy marketing day. Do I hear some bitterness there? Maybe, maybe I want a man to buy me a red bag, a red bra or at least a red apple. A red apple, yes, that would be enough. But love, love would be better for me.


Oh, who cares! Because I got something much more awesome! The best tip of the month from my friend Christine. She wrote: Check out "Restless Creature." I watched the fabulous documentary about New York prima ballerina Wendy Whelan on Netflix, lying in bed, and for an hour thirty I was firmly convinced I could do pirouettes, too. Then I looked down at myself: an I love New York pajama pants instead of tutu.


L'amour, Drinks et Serge So, and here's a little bit of my Sober book party playlist, part 2 to follow next month. By the way, the soft voice of Kelela has the same effect as a glass of red wine. Ps: You can get the "Hangovers Suck" shirt here to buy!



Captain Beefheart: I've Got Love On My Mind

Frank Ocean: Provider

Stevie Nicks: Lady

Thundercat: Drink Dat (feat.Wiz Kalifa)

SZA: Love Galore

Serge Gainsbourg&Brigitte Bardot: Bonnie and Clyde

The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar: Pray For Me

Joni Mitchell: Help Me

Kelela: Take Me Apart

Charlotte Gainsbourg: Sylvia Says

Stevie Wonder: Too High

Stevie Nicks: Everybody Loves You