August: Hello Hearts!

August, what do you want from us? Anything, but no hurry. We still have so much time until autumn.
First things first
music tip today at number one. I got this one from my friend Ann-Charlott: "After The Storm" by Kali Uchis featuring Tyler, The Creator&Bootsy Collins. After a full week of listening to this hot number from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep and dancing to it in my pad like the neighbor across the street wasn't watching me, I got a message from one of my numerous ex-boyfriends (I sound like Liz Taylor). He said I really needed to hear this song. Pah, I thought, tell me something new, cheri, and deleted his message without batting an eye.
Sounds more hardened .
.. than I am, but I've figured something out in the last few weeks: Men are like single socks lost in the wash. They always reappear just when you've forgotten about them. There's a lot of hope and little frustration in that sentence. It's nice to know that you don't have to do anything. "Sit and wait and let it come" therefore my mantra for August. It's my favorite month every year, for which there's a reason.
The only place I eat soft ice cream from a vending machine is a Danish island, the name of which I won't reveal because I'm afraid that otherwise everyone will go there and one day there will be no more soft ice cream or sand by the sea. Okay, but sharing is caring, so: The island is called Römö, so actually with such a horizontal bar in the two O's, but I can't find it on my keyboard because my reading glasses are so smeared from eating olives while typing. Anyway, every year in August I go with my friend Pedi for an adventurous three nights to this island, which is not even a real island because it is connected to the mainland. Those three days there always feel like three weeks. We even call it a vacation, when in reality it's more of a day trip, which is only a three and a half hour drive from Hamburg. It
usually takes us seven hours to get there, but that's another story too embarrassing to share
New Love
And while we're on the subject of confessions: I have a new love. He's a little chubby, but a great guy. What's his name? Honesty. Nice, isn't it? My friend Anastasia put him on my heart after she had already taken him in. He sings with a very high voice in his song "Pink Sweats", after the s of Sweats there's an S with a dash in it like in Dollar, but I can't find it on my keyboard, because the glasses, the olives, you know ...
Nothing else new Oh yes, before Denmark I'm going to France to the Kundalini Festival. There's
guaranteed no ice cream, but a tantric diet. It consists of fruits, rice and lentils, gulp. You have to bring your own tin bowl, get up every morning at half past three and do selfless service. There is also a partner exchange for the White Tantra partner meditation, which has nothing to do with Tantra sex. That has to be said! Before I embark on this trip, however, I would like to have all my worldly work done, which is why I have eagerly prescribed this text so that it arrives on time in August and I am not sitting in the lotus position with my laptop in my lap, but just soulfully holding my two hands. Sat Nam and until September, you beauties.